Why is America the best choice for your Offshore Company

Why America is the best Choice for your Offshore Company


Opening a company in America is especially good for businessmen who do business outside of America and American states.

If there is only one owner of an American LLC or incorporate company that fully generates income and profit from sources outside the United States, outside the United States, then such a company is not taxed as a company, but the complete profit is attributed to that person, that person, and since the person is not resident in America, then not even a person has to pay taxes in America.

This, of course, does not exclude the obligation of that person to pay taxes in his own country, but it is true that many businessmen use this situation to completely avoid paying all taxes.

The reasons for the popularity of United States for the purpose of establishing a company in those states are various, mainly the main reason being that in most of those states no state income tax is paid and that residents and non-residents of America have business advantages in those states that they do not have in others.


Starting a US business needs planning

Agencies that try to copy our business services and professional establishment of companies often deal with “resale of documents” and do not take into account whether the businessman who establishes such a company might get into bigger problems from which he wanted to get out by opening such a company.

That is why obtain an ITIN number and establishment of a company should always be carefully planned. Therefore, even when you contact us, you will always receive questions on the basis of which we can determine what your business situation is and in relation to your residence, state, taxes, business situation, in relation to clients or customers and their location, you will get the right solution for use by any American, or some offshore firm.


For the correct solution, it is necessary to analyze the business situation

For the right choice when choosing a country to establish a company, for international or local business, it is necessary to first consider the business intention of the client, and based on what you want to achieve, make the right solution and then consistently implement that solution.

Thus, the process of doing business with international companies is based on:

  • understanding international business
  • business intent analysis
  • developing a business solution and business strategy
  • consistent implementation of such a business solution over time

Starting a business should be carefully planned. The American tax system is such that the opening of a company in America should be planned very carefully.


Using an American firm as an offshore firm

American firms can be used in the same way as offshore firms. US states such as Nevada or Delaware should be monitored separately, which means that such transactions are checked and information is sent to tax administrations, which further possibly conduct investigations, illegally imprison businessmen and delay such a process, violating human rights regardless.