How a CFO plays an important role in a Company’s financial needs?


As you may know, an enterprise has three main financial statements: a balance sheet, an income statement, and a cash flow statement. The key elements of business management can be judged by some general indicators, which are hidden in our financial statements. Some people may say, what is the difficulty of looking at financial statements? Isn’t it just assets, liabilities, income, and expenses?

Indeed, it is not difficult to understand the figures on the financial statements. The difficult thing is how to find the problems that exist in the enterprise, how to find opportunities for improvement, and how to find effective management methods.

The CFO, also known as the Financial Officer, has always been known to be the main responsible for the management and control of financial risks, financial planning, and reporting to higher levels of management. However, in this new era, the role of the CFO is no longer limited to the jobs mentioned above. According to a recent study, there is a 70% correlation between a high-performing company and a company with a high-performing Finance team. This means that the CFO’s responsibilities have changed to a new page. Other studies have also shown that the role of the CFO Service in Visakhapatnam has changed from providing a “mirror” perspective to that of a strategy consultant, steering the business through tough times and defining future direction for the business.

Reason to Hire a CFO

CFO stands for the Chief Finance Officer. So what is the chief financial officer? This is a very common term used in the financial industry.

In each business, there will be many director positions such as: CEO, business director, COO, chief financial officer, etc. In which, the CFO is the person who is responsible for the financial affairs of the business. It can be said that the responsibilities and duties of the CFO are relatively large. This is a key position that affects the financial management of the business, so businesses are very focused on recruiting a CFO.

The main position of the CFO in the business

In large companies, the CFO is a position that always receives special attention from the General Director. Some of the roles of the CFO include:

  • Strategy consulting: The CFO will provide strategic advice to the CEO. When advising on strategy, the CFO must adhere to and adhere to the principles of financial reporting. Talented CFOs must have the ability to think and present good data reports, they also have to know how to analyze and evaluate then come up with the most suitable strategy for the current situation of the business.
  • Leader: The CFO Service in Visakhapatnam from USAInidaCFO is responsible for the financial results of the business. They act as leaders in operating strategies and cost-balancing efforts to bring the best benefits to the business.
  • Diplomat: It is not exaggerated to liken the CFO to a diplomat. As mentioned by USAIndiaCFO above, the CFO is the person who will influence the financial results of the business. They also determine the level of sustainability of the company with its partners.