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Do you want to know, how to manage your wealth effectively and get your tax being planned? Or are you a professional earning cross borders and are shelling your hard-earned money out to taxes? Or are you planning to migrate across India or USA, don’t know what’s the legalities involved?


Well, you’re at the right place! We, at USAIndiaCFO are an army of qualified professionals (being Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountant) to help you manage your wealth, save and plan your taxes in the best possible manner. We are here to guide you through your migration legal requirements such as having Tax Numbers for yourself, file your returns or claim benefits.

Services for those in India:

Services for those in USA:

We provide you with professional, secure & ethical services, all at one place!

Tools we use:

We use an approachable set of tools, which helps us and yourself to easily communicate and share the requisites with minimum-iteration processing. We understand your need of the hour, and accordingly based on our expertise and experience, we use software which help us eliminate meticulous errors and speeds up the process of result by required automation.

Some highlights:

    • A couple had a tough situation which involved moving from the US to India mid-year & multiple other nuances which required filing their income tax in both countries. We handled the situation with our expertise, saved onto their penalties and answered all their queries which put them at ease.


    • An HNI client from the USA required guidance regarding cross-border taxation, understanding the use of cryptocurrency and investments in India. He had enough funds which were just earning a simple interest in his bank account. We provided expert guidance and helped him structure and park his finance accordingly, which was later appreciated by client, since his funds were properly utilised whilst helped him for tax planning as well.


    • An Indian resident went to the USA for work and had a source of his income from India as well. He had queries regarding double taxation. We structured his taxation viability and saved him from double taxation.

We at USAIndiaCFO, are a proactive bunch of individuals, who love what we do! If you are looking out for a business relationship to reach the next level,  we are just a click away! Let’s get connected.

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