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Intellectual Property Registration

Some of the richest people in the modern world have generated their wealth out of the intellectual property they have developed. Whether it is James Patterson, the highest-paid author on the face of Earth or Amancio Ortega, Founder, Inditex Fashion Group (Zara), the richest man in Europe. This example is sufficient to show how crucial it is for businesses and even for independent creators to have bullet-proof intellectual property rights and maintain them.

Different Facets of Intellectual Property

There are various kinds of intellectual property: patent, trademarks, copyrights, designs, geographical indication, etc. Each type of intellectual property has its separate registration process and provisions governing it. One needs to be very careful about what they 

What can be Copyrighted

Literary works

The work in print or writing irrespective of its quality of style. The scope of literary work goes way beyond prose and poetry and includes anything falling under the realm of ‘literature’. 


Dramatic works

This category includes any piece for recitation, choreography or entertainment, the scenic arrangement or acting form which is solidified in writing or otherwise but excluding cinematograph films.


Musical works

Anything pertaining to music and it includes graphical notation (but doesn’t include lyrics or any action intended to be utilised with the music).


Artistic works

It includes painting, sculptures, drawings (like diagrams, maps, charts or plans), engravings or photographs (irrespective of artistic qualities in it), architectural work and artistic craftsmanship, etc. Any colour scheme, getups, layouts and alphabets’ arrangement comes under this category.


Cinematograph films

Visual recordings/ cinematograph, produced via the process of moving images or any work generated via a process similar to cinematography produced by any means accompanied by a sound recording falls in the realm of cinematograph films.


Sound Recordings

Recording of sounds, from which sounds can be produced irrespective of its medium on or the method of are qualified for sound recordings.

Patent Registration Process in India

    • Filing of patent application in the requisite Patent Office or online on IP India’s website
    • Publication after 18 months: Once published in the official journal, you have similar rights and privileges as if the patent has been granted
    • Pre Grant Opposition /Representation by any person
    • Making an Examination request
    • Examination: grant or refusal
    • Publication of grant of the patent
    • Post-grant opposition to the patent grant
    • Controller’s decision

Timeline for Patent Registration

There are two aspects to it: the time to get the patent filed and the time taken by the Patent Office to grant you the patent. If one has all the documentation in place, and has filled all the disclosure forms and applications correctly, it takes somewhere around a week to file an application in the concerned Patent Office. Now, it takes somewhere around two to two and a half-year for the Patent Office to grant you the patent.


But there is a catch, you don’t need to wait for the patent office to grant you the patent to utilise it or to test its feasibility in the market or to pitch it to investors/buyers. You can do all that in the meantime your patent is granted. Only one thing you can’t do is, stop competition from copying your invention if the patent has not yet been granted to you.

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