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Startup India Registration

The Benefits

In order to promulgate innovation and research culture in India and boost employment and self-sufficiency, the Indian government has rolled out the Startup India Scheme offering various benefits to startups like tax exemptions, lenient compliances, etc. But, in order to be eligible for these benefits, the organisation must be set up by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) as a startup.


An example of the benefits startups receive from the Startup India registration is that they can self certify the regulatory compliance for six labour laws and three environment laws for five years from the date of incorporation/registration of the organisation. Further, startups get three years of tax exemption and access to the best services and resources to safeguard and commercialise intellectual property exclusively built to foster startups.

Eligibility for Registration

    • Organizations incorporated as a Private Limited Company, as Partnership or as Limited Liability Partnership are eligible to register under the Startup India scheme; 
    • The yearly turnover of that organisation should not be above INR 25 crores;
    • That organisation must be at least seven years old (ten for biotechnology startups) from its date of incorporation/ registration;
    • That organisation should be working in the direction of innovating, developing or enhancing products/services/processes.

Foreign Companies

An organisation which has even one registered office in India is eligible for registering for Startup India. This is due to the location preferences that till now it has been created exclusively for Indian states. But there is news that the government is planning to roll out international registrations too.

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