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Tax Planning

In the modern day scenario, where entrepreneurship has become a fairly complicated affair due to the mandate of regulatory and statutory compliances under various laws, business  taxation issues are better off with experienced professionals who can manage all sorts of taxes your organisation is subject to in a comprehensive manner. 


Professionals who can manage even cross-border and international taxation issues of your business and you don’t have to bear the cost of outsourcing to multiple service providers and you can reap more benefits out of your retainership agreement with a single service provider. At USAIndiaCFO, we take off the burden of taxes and accounting from your chest so that you can monomaniacally focus on the business while keeping you in abreast with the financial health of your business.

Applicable Taxes on Businesses in India

    • Central and State Good and Services Tax
    • Integrated Good and Services Tax
    • Taxes on capital gains
    • Excise duties
    • HR & Payroll Taxes
    • Corporate Tax (for companies only)

Applicable Taxes on Individuals in India

    • Income Tax
    • Taxes on royalties (for writers, music composers, etc)
    • Property tax
    • Capital gain tax
    • Gift tax
    • Wealth tax

Tax Prognosis and Optimization Benefits

Managing taxes is no easy task, not trying to scare you or anything but speaking from my experience. Many individuals, organisations, especially startups and small businesses try to save on the paltry fee of professional advice by trying to figure out their taxes on their own. 95% of them end up with heavy penalties and sometimes even a serious scrutiny from the authorities. They eventually end up paying way more than they intended to save by not seeking professional assistance in the form of penalties, legal battles, cumbersome government formalities. 


At the very least, you will end up being tangled with tax compliances, filing dates, furnishing documents, running from pillars to poles, losing a scarce business bandwidth. I mean you can either worry about your taxes or you can focus on business development. There is a reason why tax attorneys are some of the richest kinds of lawyers, right?


Even some of our clients before us were suffering from the burden of tax optimisation and were paying extra due to missing filing dates, or not bifurcating the income properly in the right categories, etc. But USAIndiaCFO is here for your rescue.


In our partnership, we never let our clients worry about their taxes again. The best part of partnering with us is that we provide solutions for all the finance/accounting/tax/assurance related requirements of your business, saving you on the hassle of coordinating with multiple service providers for every other business thing and salvage you from the cost of changing the service provider as the business grows.

USAIndiaCFO Advantage

We are a confluence of CSs and CSes with a dedicated team for small and medium size businesses. In our 10+ years of experience in working with almost every kind of national and international startup/business, and with various individuals from all walks of life, one paramount principle we have developed is “Clients’ problem is our problem and clients’ growth is our growth”.


It’s simple, we believe that if our client is having a problem, it shows that more of our assistance is required and if the client’s business grows, it will generate more work for us. Simple and forthcoming! Very emblematic of our future relationship (at least we hope so 😄).

We do your tax planning and optimisation, along with providing a range of other services to take full accountability as the virtual CFO to your business.


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