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Company Incorporation in USA

Deciding to expand your business globally is no cakewalk. We understand how much emotional wax and wane, cerebral pressure, nervousness and sleepless nights a founder goes through besides handsome business bandwidth to chalk down the international expansion for his/her organisation.


In the US, the complications for non-residents are even higher. Given the multi-dimensional nature of incorporation process, one needs to be very meticulous throughout the same. One mistake and might cost you thousands of dollars or even worse, drove away millions of investment.


One of the direst mistakes a business can commit during the overseas business incorporation is being a miser for legal services and not going obsolete template solutions on a blog instead of for tailor-made solutions for their beloved company.


For instance, some common queries we get from our clients are:


    • Whether a C-Corporation is optimum for your business or an LLC?
    • What customisations are required in your Articles of Formation, Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreement, Organisational bylaws, etc to make the legal documents bulletproof?
    • What legal compliances do you have to attain to avoid all the plausible legal disputes in your industry?
    • How to attain prior permissions under FEMA and from RBI and other Indian authorities in a structured & thrifty manner?
    • How to decide in which state to commence operations keeping in mind taxes, resources, demand, procedural efficacy as per your business requirements & revenue model?
    • How to structure the company in a way to make it attractive to investors and score a six-figure investment on favourable terms?
    • What contracts do you need to have with your investors, promoters, suppliers, vendors, employees and other stakeholders for smooth operations and flexibility?
    • Using what business and legal tactics can you minimise your tax liability, legitimately?
    • What due diligence is needed to be conducted before and after the commencement of the company?
    • How to ensure impeccable and smooth annual federal annual tax returns?

Setting Up a US Company from India

Indeed, provided that you are able to pull robust structuring and all the compliances and execute air-tight contracts with your stakeholders, you don’t need to ever leave your home country and you can drive your global expansion right from the warmth of your house. For further queries regarding the legal requirements of managing a US company from India, you can reach out to us on 7727887799 or drop us an email on

Opening a US Checking Account from India

Again, yes. But it is a cumbersome process and it might cost you some good billable hours as you are a non-resident due to which you don’t have a Social Security Number. Not to mention that some of the banks require your physical presence. We have tie-ups with banks across the world leveraging which we have helped a plethora of clients to open a checking business account open in the US without any involvement of a native third-party.

Post-Incorporation Compliances

1. Tax structuring: Critical evaluation of the business model and making tax prognosis for tax structuring;

2. Capital Structuring plan for the company for smoothing pooling-in of investment and entry of new promoters in future;

3. Licensing of all Intellectual Property;


4. Producing necessary documents:


For Business Corporation:

    • Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Incorporation
    • Organizational Minutes and Bylaws. Shareholders Agreement is optional but preferred.
    • Ownership Share Certificate (required for every shareholder)
    • Form SS-4 for taxation purposes


For Limited Liability Company (LLC):

    • Articles of Formation or Articles of Organization
    • Operating Agreement
    • Member Certificate for each Member
    • Form SS-4 for taxation purposes


5. Filing of BE-13 Survey

6. Employer Identification Number

7. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

8. Business Checking Account

USAIndiaCFO Advantage

We have vivid 8+ years of experience working with multiple incumbent Indian companies, startup founders, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and investors in incorporating their companies in the US. We critically analyse your business and then propose the most feasible solution and tailor-made solution for your business. More than 500 people have trusted us with their dream of starting a company in the US and we have never disappointed a single one of them.



We provide our clients with a one-stop solution for all the financial and legal requirements of their business services from incorporation to audit to tax returns enabling us to achieve peak efficiency in the work and offer attractive lump sum package so clients don’t need to run from post to pillars before taking another step in the direction of business development and expansion.

We get your company incorporated in the US, along with providing a range of other services to take full accountability as the virtual CFO to your business.


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